Steps to Build Good Relationship

#1.Try to join in activities that he likes.

If you hate basketball and he plays it, maybe join in by cheering him on at his games!

#2.Laugh with him!

Don’t be shy or act uninterested, that will make him feel really uncomfortable around you.

#3.Don’t overdo it.

If you’re trying to impress him, don’t go overboard with a ton of make-up and a whole new wardrobe. Sometimes boys notice the simplest changes!

#4.Thank him for gifts.

Don’t just tell him you like it, say thank you! It really does make him feel good!

#5.Hold his hand!

Don’t force him into anything, but casually grab his hand when you are walking together, etc, and then drop it. If he wants to hold your hand, he will.

#6.If he hugs you, hug him back!

Also, the occasional hug from you wouldn’t be so bad either!

#7.Respect it if he want to hang out with his friends, You should spend time with your friends as well!

Having a relationship doesn’t mean that you should be as close as twins.

#8.Don’t forget to be his best friend.

As his girlfriend you’re not just a pretty girl for him to fool around with and go on dates with, if you want a better relationship with him you have to be his best friend too. Watch his favorite TV shows, have inside jokes, support one another, talk about anything. The best part about being in a relationship with someone is having them also be your best friend, you want to date the type of person that can make a grocery trip just as fun as the bedroom.